Why are official auto parts so expensive?

Cars often have some technical problems. For the most part, it’s a broken piece in the mechanism. Due to the large number of such parts, there are many variants of such parts available in stores and services. Their price is different from the manufacturer, which in turn is a quality indicator.

The best parts that a car can have are official branded parts

But why are they often so expensive? Official car parts are of higher quality and manufactured specifically for certain car models. This does not mean that they cannot be used in other cars, but it may not be as efficient and the car will not operate at maximum power (depending on what parts are replaced). The more expensive and rare a car is, the harder it will be to find its spare parts .

Any car owner who wants to buy new parts must visit two websites. The first is Car-Part.com. It is the largest auto parts database in the world. The other is certainly much more well known – ebay.com. On this page you can buy many new auto parts. When searching for auto parts on these websites, you should note the criteria that first show the geographically closest parts and the lowest prices. Special attention should be paid to estimated delivery times.

Parts from the other side of the ocean may have to wait more than a month

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When ordering a part, be sure to contact the part seller and make sure their specific number. If you do not receive the part number confirmation, any damage must be repaired solely by you, as the part number, like the check in the store, is the only proof that this part was sold.

Many are certainly aware that some parts are unique and irreplaceable in some engine or gearbox combinations. If the wrong parts are used, the chain effect can start and the range of parts affected by this effect is large. From on-board computer controls, modules, sensors, to basic elements like a battery or starter.

Bargain, but be polite!

Very often an auto parts store sells a part of a car for as low a price as another dealer in the immediate area. There are two things to keep in mind in such cases. It is necessary to compare the same forging. The seller cannot be expected to charge the same price for his 20,000-kilometer engine as for a 200,000-kilometer engine.

Second, when negotiating the price, you should safely outline the details available on the Internet. Just do not give false information, because the seller can find exactly the same thing on the Internet and his price is definitely a more topical topic.

Very rare parts are best bought in life. If your car needs a part for which only one copy is available on the Internet and the same is prohibitively expensive, then you should try to find that part in life. If the car is old enough, you can go to the car cemetery and try to get that part there.

You may save tens or even hundreds of euros this way without having to order this item online. If getting the detail you want seems as impossible as getting from Earth to Pluto, you can call on a variety of car enthusiasts. There are many different home and foreign car forums on the Internet, with enough users ready to help.