What does it cost to have a car in 2019? – See car expenses

criterionDescriptionSourceThe price of the carThe car price is taken from the dealers of the given car brand from new. The cheapest model is based on no extras. In addition, models have been chosen that run on petrol rather than diesel.Car brand websitesfuel consumptionThe starting point is a petrol price of DKK 11.35 per share. liter and the car runs 15,000 km. annual.

Furthermore, car dealers have found how far the specific car can run on the liter to calculate consumption.

Car brand websitesCar loan (payout & monthly allowance)A car loan has been based on Spar Nord Bank, which has a payout of 20% of the car loan. Of this, the cheapest possible annual interest rate has been taken. However, be aware that this interest rate is variable, which means it can fluctuate between 3.95-10.75%. In addition, all loans have a minimum maturity of 6 years.

Save Northdocument feeYou pay a document fee when the bank prepares your documents for the loan.

money loan

Save Northgrant ProvisionYou pay a commission when the bank assesses your loan application. The amount increases the more you want to borrow.Save NorthRegistration feesThis includes both the fixed registration fee of DKK 1,660 and the variable registration fee. The variable registration amounts to 1.5% of the loan amount.Save NorthAuto InsuranceThe car insurance is based on a 24-year-old living in Copenhagen and no previous injuries to buy a car for the first time. The insurance includes a hull insurance. Furthermore, it is assumed that 15,000 km is driven each year.insurance GuideGreen ownership taxNew cars have been taken into account, which are registered after October 3, 2017 and thus fall below the new rates.

TaxationTire changeThe cheapest tires are based on T-Hansen and their installation.

T-HansenService agreementThe cheapest service agreement is based on a duration of 36 months with 15,000 km. yearly.Car DealersCar WashThis is based on a quick wash once a month.

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