Month: October 2019

What does it cost to have a car in 2019? – See car expensesWhat does it cost to have a car in 2019? – See car expenses

The car price is taken from the dealers of the given car brand from new. The cheapest model is based on no extras. In addition, models have been chosen that run on petrol rather than diesel.Car brand websitesfuel consumptionThe starting point is a petrol price of DKK 11.35 per share. liter and the car runs […]

Compound Interest (Compound Interest) – What is it?Compound Interest (Compound Interest) – What is it?

Compound interest (compound or compound interest) is a percentage calculated on the amount of initial capital, which also includes all accumulated interest from previous periods of deposits or loans. It is believed that this concept originates from 17th-century Italy and can be treated as ‘interest on interest’. Compound interest causes the sum to grow faster […]

Why are official auto parts so expensive?Why are official auto parts so expensive?

Cars often have some technical problems. For the most part, it’s a broken piece in the mechanism. Due to the large number of such parts, there are many variants of such parts available in stores and services. Their price is different from the manufacturer, which in turn is a quality indicator. The best parts that […]